So here we are again, another day .. another post, inspired by the Remarkable Oblivion crowns!

Make sure you check them out at the TFG soon!

This is what i am wearing !

Tunic / Shirt / Pants and Boots: – Rochambeau – The Hound

Chest Belts: – Snatched – Vanguard Belts

Waist Belt one: – Rochambeau – Hirdmadur Outfit Belts (modded)

Waist Belt two: – PFC – Role Belt – Raider (black) [RARE] (TFG)

Chest Belt: – DECO – Singlebelt (black)

Scarf: – !.RR.! – KenzuFur-Black

Shoulders: – PFC~ – The Hunter – Cerberus RARE (last gacha)

Armbands:  – DPD – Arm Wraps – Grit  *Rare* (TFG)

Shield in the Background: – :Enigma: – Rage Shield Brown (Rare) by me ! (TFG)

Quiver: – PFC~ – Elven quiver (brown) [RARE] (TFG)

Crown: – Remarkable Oblivion – Sylver Crown  [RARE] (TFG)

Sword: – [EZ] – Wrath’s Sheath (Bronze)

That’s it for today, i hope you guys enjoyed it!


Have faith in me

So something really special today, i know i haven’t been active for long.. There was this huge Gacha thing i have been working on and a wonderful person who deserved my attention.

But of course its me to blame here !

Song: A Day to Remember – Have Faith In Me

(sorry Kristina.. she has been become mad because i didn’t post )

I was listening to an old song of one of my favourite Bands and stood on this snowy sim this is what came out:

So this is a blog post, here is what i am wearing:

TOP/Hoodie – Diram – Justin Top Black

Hair: – [monso] – My Hair Jay (Black/Brown)

Feathers -B@R (Bare rose) – Otoko Raden (Feather)

Necklace: – Mandala -Gyatei- Necklace

Shoulder & Arm Armour: – DPD – Iron Overloard

Bracer: – DPD – Arm Wraps Night *Rare* (The Fantasy Gacha)

Gloves: – FATEwear – Glove – Dexter – Void

Belt,Skirt / Pants: -DPD-  The North

Quiver:  – PFC~ – Elven quiver (black) [RARE] (The Fantasy Gacha)

Boots: – [The Forge] – Daerwen Boots (Chaos)

Thank you all for clicking in..
hope y’all enjoyed this post…

And especially i want to thank you.

Vanish like a vapor

Vanish like a vapor

The Forge comes out with some of the most unique items around. Im obsessed with literally everything that they put out!. This outfit shows just how much… Same goes with the Calico hair, Always different, always awesome.

Skin: on the down low

Shape: on the down low

Headpiece: Bliensen Moonchild Tiara

Face tattoos: Demon Fades Aanh II

Hair: Calico Mantha

Lashes: glam affair couture eyeliner no 3

Necklace: Zibska Ines

Armor: The Forge Daerwen

Leg armor: Cadeyrn upper leg armor

Hip armor: The muses Penghel armor

Dress: Sakide Amazon dress

Under shirt/legs: The muses Rainha (modded)

Belt: The Forge Boadicea

Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1

Bracers: The Forge viking bracer

Shoes: Enfant Terrible Wayfarer sandals


I Could Be…

I Could Be...

So I love these wings, but so tired of seeing all the white that came along with it…if you haven’t noticed I’m kind of prone to darker colors >.> And those shoes….GODDAMN.


Skin: on the down low

Shape: on the down low

Headpiece: Enfant Terrible Ice crown RARE

Face tattoos: Demon Fades yeala

Hair: Liquence F1

Lashes: glam affair couture eyeliner no 3

Necklace, left arm, and circlet: Zibska Edera in Noir

Vest: ISON razzle vest

Undershirt: Jane intrinsic tank

Harness: Enfant Terrible Harness Silver

Pants: Pumpkin Night set

Wings: Enfant Terrible Frozen heart Gacha wings ULTRA RARE

Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1

Bracers: The Forge Hawk Bracers

Heels: Revanche Privileged Wedges


Viking dude!

Wanted to do something more gorean now, hope you’ll enjoy it.!

Iam wearing:

Hair: [Monso] My Hair- Jay

Beard: RAW HOUSE  –  Holy Beard

Crown: .Eldritch. – Fiacaill Crown

Headband: [The Forge] – Celtic Headband

Shoulders: PFC~   The Hunter – Cerberus RARE (modded)

Shoulder part two:  ED – Wanderer – Shoulder (wood)

i copied the right one to the left side.

Chest: The Fallen – Legend (tinted in brown)

Armbands: ED – Wanderer – Bicep (Woodland)

Shirtlayer:  ED – Wanderer – Shirt   (Woodland)

Wrists:  [The Forge] – Viking Bracer (wood commons)

Belt: Rochambeau –  Bandit Belt

Kilt: Rochambeau –  Bandit Kilt

Pants: Kahli Designs –  Villager – Pants

Boots: Kahli Designs –  Villager – Boots

Weapon:  [EZ]  – Wrath’s Sheath (Bronze)

Shield: .Eldritch. –  Maor-coille Shield – Battleworn

Thanks for clicking and supporting, i wish all of you a wonderful weekend !


The Beast you’ve made of me

The Beast you've made of me

These wings are so awesome, that I decided to post them again, slave version. The leggings are from Shi, one of my favorite stores. I find their items incredibly unique, and in this game, unique is good. Scrub offers tons of fun accessories to complete any outfit, like my armwarmers ^^

Skin: on the down low
Shape: on the down low
Hair: Truth Kasia
Horns: Junebug wild things horns black (30l gacha)
Eyeliner: glam affair couture eyeliner no. 5
Face tattoo: Soul Ink
Teeth: Deetalez prim teeth with tongue and piercing
Harness, headpiece, belt: Athenea black rare (30l gacha)
Arms: Scrub A firm Woman
Hands: Baii maii gloves spikes mesh
Claws: claws dragon black
Wings: MO The Fallen wings black sparse
Skirt: MO The Fallen black
Leg tattoo: on the down low
Knees: SU! bloody knees
Legs: Shi Baroque
Feet: Slink feet mid



So i am totally stuck with something new, kinda prepared something else for  the next post but i am quit happy with my new Hair and beard, so i didn’t want to change, enjoy!

Hair: Dura – *Boy*44(Black)

Eyepatch: The Forge – Bandage Patch M (we ❤ rp)

Beard: *Valiant & Sacred* – Facial Hair V2 – Beard V7

Ears: Mandala – Stretched ears-Omimi

Piercings: Hebenon – Against the Stream [Decay]

Necklace: Mandala – Katakori

Chest Belt: Deco – Singlebelt (Black)

Armour: Forge – Daerwen (Chaos)

Gloves: Fatewear – Dexter Black

Belt: DRD – Bulletbelt

Pants: Not so Bad – Bass jeans

Shoes: Deadwool – Trauermarsch

Arm Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Black Stripes II Fresh

Hope you all liked it, till next time !