Viking dude!

Wanted to do something more gorean now, hope you’ll enjoy it.!

Iam wearing:

Hair: [Monso] My Hair- Jay

Beard: RAW HOUSE  –  Holy Beard

Crown: .Eldritch. – Fiacaill Crown

Headband: [The Forge] – Celtic Headband

Shoulders: PFC~   The Hunter – Cerberus RARE (modded)

Shoulder part two:  ED – Wanderer – Shoulder (wood)

i copied the right one to the left side.

Chest: The Fallen – Legend (tinted in brown)

Armbands: ED – Wanderer – Bicep (Woodland)

Shirtlayer:  ED – Wanderer – Shirt   (Woodland)

Wrists:  [The Forge] – Viking Bracer (wood commons)

Belt: Rochambeau –  Bandit Belt

Kilt: Rochambeau –  Bandit Kilt

Pants: Kahli Designs –  Villager – Pants

Boots: Kahli Designs –  Villager – Boots

Weapon:  [EZ]  – Wrath’s Sheath (Bronze)

Shield: .Eldritch. –  Maor-coille Shield – Battleworn

Thanks for clicking and supporting, i wish all of you a wonderful weekend !


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