I Could Be…

I Could Be...

So I love these wings, but so tired of seeing all the white that came along with it…if you haven’t noticed I’m kind of prone to darker colors >.> And those shoes….GODDAMN.


Skin: on the down low

Shape: on the down low

Headpiece: Enfant Terrible Ice crown RARE

Face tattoos: Demon Fades yeala

Hair: Liquence F1

Lashes: glam affair couture eyeliner no 3

Necklace, left arm, and circlet: Zibska Edera in Noir

Vest: ISON razzle vest

Undershirt: Jane intrinsic tank

Harness: Enfant Terrible Harness Silver

Pants: Pumpkin Night set

Wings: Enfant Terrible Frozen heart Gacha wings ULTRA RARE

Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1

Bracers: The Forge Hawk Bracers

Heels: Revanche Privileged Wedges


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