Vanish like a vapor

Vanish like a vapor

The Forge comes out with some of the most unique items around. Im obsessed with literally everything that they put out!. This outfit shows just how much… Same goes with the Calico hair, Always different, always awesome.

Skin: on the down low

Shape: on the down low

Headpiece: Bliensen Moonchild Tiara

Face tattoos: Demon Fades Aanh II

Hair: Calico Mantha

Lashes: glam affair couture eyeliner no 3

Necklace: Zibska Ines

Armor: The Forge Daerwen

Leg armor: Cadeyrn upper leg armor

Hip armor: The muses Penghel armor

Dress: Sakide Amazon dress

Under shirt/legs: The muses Rainha (modded)

Belt: The Forge Boadicea

Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1

Bracers: The Forge viking bracer

Shoes: Enfant Terrible Wayfarer sandals


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