Have faith in me

So something really special today, i know i haven’t been active for long.. There was this huge Gacha thing i have been working on and a wonderful person who deserved my attention.

But of course its me to blame here !

Song: A Day to Remember – Have Faith In Me

(sorry Kristina.. she has been become mad because i didn’t post )

I was listening to an old song of one of my favourite Bands and stood on this snowy sim this is what came out:

So this is a blog post, here is what i am wearing:

TOP/Hoodie – Diram – Justin Top Black

Hair: – [monso] – My Hair Jay (Black/Brown)

Feathers -B@R (Bare rose) – Otoko Raden (Feather)

Necklace: – Mandala -Gyatei- Necklace

Shoulder & Arm Armour: – DPD – Iron Overloard

Bracer: – DPD – Arm Wraps Night *Rare* (The Fantasy Gacha)

Gloves: – FATEwear – Glove – Dexter – Void

Belt,Skirt / Pants: -DPD-  The North

Quiver:  – PFC~ – Elven quiver (black) [RARE] (The Fantasy Gacha)

Boots: – [The Forge] – Daerwen Boots (Chaos)

Thank you all for clicking in..
hope y’all enjoyed this post…

And especially i want to thank you.

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