So here we are again, another day .. another post, inspired by the Remarkable Oblivion crowns!

Make sure you check them out at the TFG soon!

This is what i am wearing !

Tunic / Shirt / Pants and Boots: – Rochambeau – The Hound

Chest Belts: – Snatched – Vanguard Belts

Waist Belt one: – Rochambeau – Hirdmadur Outfit Belts (modded)

Waist Belt two: – PFC – Role Belt – Raider (black) [RARE] (TFG)

Chest Belt: – DECO – Singlebelt (black)

Scarf: – !.RR.! – KenzuFur-Black

Shoulders: – PFC~ – The Hunter – Cerberus RARE (last gacha)

Armbands:  – DPD – Arm Wraps – Grit  *Rare* (TFG)

Shield in the Background: – :Enigma: – Rage Shield Brown (Rare) by me ! (TFG)

Quiver: – PFC~ – Elven quiver (brown) [RARE] (TFG)

Crown: – Remarkable Oblivion – Sylver Crown  [RARE] (TFG)

Sword: – [EZ] – Wrath’s Sheath (Bronze)

That’s it for today, i hope you guys enjoyed it!

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