The Unhealing Scars

The Unhealing Scars

I am crazy about the outfit from silkworms/the fallen at the 30l Gacha Fling Fair. It was love at first sight, and thanks to my very dear friend, I got the epic red one \o/.

Enjoy ❤

Skin: on the down low
Shape: on the down low
Headpiece: Aisling Xanthe Sombre EPIC
Face tattoos: Fallen Gods Zodiac Aquarias and Fire (tinted)
Hair: Liquence F3
Lashes: glam affair couture eyeliner no 3
Ears: Mandala stretched ears omimi
Ear cuffs: Shi journey earring
Necklace and belt: Faun snake charmer
Outfit: MO the Fallen red
Undershirt: DLS valiant upper and lower chainmail
Wings: MO the fallen wings full white body
Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1
Gloves: Yasum pagan folk gloves
Tights: abrasive locked and loaded fade leggings
Thigh jewel: Enfant terrible frozen heart gacha
Boots: Ten10 Madlen boots





Not so gorean nights

The Desire


So, I play my slave quite frequently, meaning lots of slave posts to come xD
On Kaiah:

Skin: on the down low
Shape: on the down low
Hair: Eaters Coma Hair 35
Head piece: glam affair zoya headdress
Eyeliner: glam affair couture eyeliner no. 5
Face tattoo: Soul Ink
Headband: Keystone Rope and Chain
Nose Tattoo: War emo nose
Teeth: Deetalez prim teeth with tongue and piercing
Shoulders: geek. zombie survival jacket
Harness: !dM shibari ropeharness in black latex
Wrists: Forge hawk bracers
Arms: Kahli Designs arm torque ( left) and Ison aviary claw bracelet (right)
Hands: Baii maii gloves spikes mesh
Claws: claws dragon black
Leg tattoo: on the down low
Knees: SU! bloody knees
Legs: Shi leg harness
Feet: Slink feet mid



Uhw, my first own.. gorean blog post.. yuush.. by that i want to thank Kristina for her patience, btw she is a brat and i do love her ♥, but anyways let us begin!


Hair:_monso_ My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown
Piercings:_Hebenon_ Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Decay] *Mesh*
Ears:_Mandala    _ Stretched ears-Omimi
Chest:_Ravensoul_ Wolfheart
Upper Arms:_Ravensoul_ RS Wolfheart
Bracers:_Rochambeau_ Nabonu
Kilt:_Rochambeau_ Nabonu
Belt:_Rochambeau_ Bandit
Gloves:_FATEwear_ Glove – Dexter – Void
Pants:_Kahli Designs_ Villager – Pants
Boots:_Kahli Designs_ Villager – Boots
Mace:_[EZ] Weaponary_  Bacurd Mace
Bow:_LRWeapons_ Zulaky Bow
Shield:_[SG]_ Pride‘s Resolve (Fantasy Collective)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

The Diva

The Diva

So I’m UBER excited to be starting a blog, and of course its like 254,300 times better cause Luca’s with me xD
I found this jumper at Ricielli the other day and LOVED it.
Enjoy ^^
❤ ❤ ❤

Skin: on the down low
Shape: on the down low
Neck tattoo: nuuna meta
Face tattoo: Demon fades Aanh
Hair: Catwa Mesh Evie
Lashes: glam affair party eyeliner white
Ears: Mandala stretched ears omimi
Ear cuffs: Shi journey earring
Necklace: Zibska Sylvain
Shoulders: Zibska Keallach Pauldrons
Jumper: Ricielli Mesh papi jumpsuit II
Hands: Slink mesh hands elegant 1
Gloves: Revolt Jaimy Gloves
Stockings: Schadenfreude garter bat tights
Garter: Muka garter love
Boots: Ison carazon boot black

Test , Kristina is not watching anyways